elbow bender

a habitual imbiber of alcoholic liquor; a drunk. From the phrase to bend the elbow (in lifting a drink to the lips). 'Sam Brown admits she became a big-time boozer when she was a schoolgirl and is still a solid elbow-bender.' (Photo caption, People, 23 April 1989)

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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  • elbow-bender — elbow bending, n., adj. /el boh ben deuhr/, n. Slang. a person fond of drinking alcoholic beverages. * * * …   Universalium

  • elbow-bender — elbow bending, n., adj. /el boh ben deuhr/, n. Slang. a person fond of drinking alcoholic beverages …   Useful english dictionary

  • elbow-bending —    drinking intoxicants    Usually to excess, from the movement of the glass to the lips:     Afrazi was a major leaguer at elbowbending. (M. Thomas, 1980)    An elbow bender is a drunkard. See also bend …   How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms

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